Monday, September 5, 2011

Blankets #4 and #5.... Luissa and her father, Luis

A girlfriend of mine from high school contacted me about one of her dear coworkers, Luissa. Luissa's father was just recently diagnosed with Lymphoma, and she was absolutely devastated. April had asked if we could snuggle her up in extra love and help her through this difficult time. Of course we could! While we were at it, we thought that Luissa's father could probably use some love too. We asked April to do a little bit of research and find out their favorite colors and styles. Dad's favorite color was navy blue, and Luissa liked pink and green, and, well, we already knew she loved her dad, so we got an idea. Since dad liked navy blue, we'd give them the same backing on both of their blankets.

This is what we came up with.... Here was Miss Luissa's blanket.

and here was her father's....
(the lighting showed the blues differently but it was the exact same blue!)

I delivered these two blankets to April one day over her lunch break. We got starbucks and sat outside and chatted for some time. It was a beautiful day. We had hoped that they would find joy, comfort, warmth and most of all, all of the love that was put into these two blankets, not only from us, but also from April who thought of them during this difficult time.

A few weeks after delivering the blankets, I'd received two cards in the mail; one from Luissa and one from her father Luis. Luissa was beyond appreciative for their blankets and included a check with a donation so that others would also be able to receive blankets during their difficult times as well! I was SO thrilled!!! I had NO idea that one could be so moved like that, that she would donate money so that others could receive the same gift. I never expect any kind of repayment for our gifts, but was beyond moved that she felt compelled to give back. =) Luis and his wonderful wife also sent us a thank you card as well. She said it brought them to tears when they'd received it. Knowing how much it touched them, moved my heart and had me on to help the next person who needed snuggling.....