Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blanket #3 - Sweet Symba (and his momma)

My very dear friend Erica has had sweet Symba since he was a pup. She calls him "Moo." I'm rather certain Erica loves Symba more than her husband. (and I don't blame her.) Moo is a lot more mellow. ;) Well, recently, Erica was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone two surgeries and radiation in hopes of curing this stupid thing once and for all, and just as 2011 couldn't get any worse, it did. Sweet Symba was, too, diagnosed with cancer. Sweet Symba needed to be snuggled in some extra love, as does Erica.... but we started with a blanket they could share for the time being and we hope to get Erica her own very soon! If anyone deserves it, she most DEFINITELY does!!!

This was the first option.... I really liked this one because of the red and it representing love and such....
and then I came across the white material with the black paws, and for whatever reason, I really loved this one more.... I think because she calls him Moo and it reminded me of a cow, sort of.... and the blue.... after all, Symba IS very much a BOY... but I went with the brighter blue because the navy blue felt too sad, or dark to me.... (that's my little helper in the cart holding down the material).
and the finished product may have looked a little bit plain, but couldn't have been filled with anymore love than it was....


  1. tearing you bunches, thanks so much!

  2. You are very very welcome my dear friend!! I love you tons!!! Xoxoxo