Sunday, July 24, 2011

It all started from here....

Decided to make a blanket for a friend's sister who was going to be transferred from the hospital to a nursing home, after having been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and hardly being able to hold any food down for nearly 6 months.... After a few rounds of chemo, she had lost most of her weight and was too weak to receive any more treatments....She's a girly girl. She likes zebra and the color purple. This was the closest I could find to zebra and purple. They had discussed placing a feeding tube into her stomach, however this was against her wishes. She didn't want the feeding tube. She was sent home with her children to be looked after....
This blanket is the first to come from "Snuggled in Love," as this was where the whole idea came from.... We want her to know that she is NEVER alone.... that though we are not in her shoes, we have been on the other end, watching my father battle the demon, cancer.... We want her to know, that though we may be miles apart, there is a place in our hearts reserved for her.... a place that wishes we could heal her.... take away her pain, and let her know every second of every day that she is loved.... so hopefully snuggling her in love will help remind her of that daily.... So to Miss Renee Alefantes, our very first blanket will be delivered whenever you are ready!

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