Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lesson Learned- Wrong Material

Blanket #2's story will come once it's completed, which will hopefully be tomorrow when I can go BACK to the fabric store for some more material.

Last week, the kids and I went to the fabric store to purchase material especially for this special individual. She likes red and yellow.... so these were the three that we narrowed it down to.... Option A: Red, Orange and Yellow Large plaid print.
Option B: Red(s) Paisley and a beige color.
and Option C: hearts.
Option C was made of a different material, one I've never made a blanket with before, but it was SO extremely soft and cuddly AND it had red AND yellow AND it was hearts (for ALL the love we would be sending to her).... it seemed like a great idea! So we decided to try this new material out.

We got the blanket home, had it all laid out on the bed and began measuring and cutting. When I removed it from my bed, there was material chunks EVERYWHERE!!!!
including all over my BLACK dress....
Not only was the material ALL over EVERYTHING, including ALL over the carpet, but you could tell it was going to easily fall apart. Once I started making the initial cuts into the material, I could just pull on it softly and it would rip apart.... it would be wonderful, if it was a steak, or ribs possibly, but NOT a blanket.... so, as much as it broke my heart to stuff the material back into a plastic bag, I had to. We want to snuggle her in love.... not colorful, shredded material pieces!!!!

I'll see what we can come up with tomorrow and hopefully have a finished product by then!!!

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